About Us
The Society for Advancement of Bipolar Affective Disorder (SABAD, hereinafter The Society) was founded by a group of medical doctors in January 2005. The Society is a non-profit making and academic organization that is opened to psychiatric, allied health and primary care professionals, interested lay groups and individuals who have an interest in treatment, research and education in all aspects of bipolar disorders and other related mood disorders.
Mission Statement
The Society aims to become the recognized forum to foster ongoing local and international collaboration on education and research with the intent to advance the treatment of all aspects of bipolar disorders, and other related mood disorders and to improve outcomes and quality of life for those with bipolar disorder and other related mood disorders and their carers or family members.
The Society would promote the awareness of bipolar disorder and other related mood disorders among medical and mental health care professionals, the lay communities and society at large through the provision, promotion and support of scientific and educational programs in international, regional and local conferences.

We would also create an information network among mental health care professionals through provision of a multidisciplinary forum and publication of newsletter and other relevant materials with regard to the said mood disorders.

We hope to become the role model in the field of bipolar disorder and other related mood disorders that aspires and positively influences affiliated societies and established organisations through collaborating, supporting and fostering. For the sake of raising public awareness on mental health, we would also support the consideration of psychiatric and mental health perspectives that benefits the said purpose within the development of health policy and services.
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