International Society for Bipolar Disorders (I.S.B.D.)
The ISBD aims to become the internationally recognized forum to foster ongoing international collaboration on education and research with an objective to advance the treatment of all aspects of bipolar disorders, resulting in improvements in outcomes/quality of life for those with bipolar disorder and their significant others.

The ISBD is open to the entire spectrum of mental healthcare professionals including basic and clinical researchers, psychiatrists, pharmacologists, psychologists, social workers, students, trainees, and interested lay groups and individuals.

The Society for Advancement of Bipolar Affective Disorder has become a ISBD official chapter since Jan 2008. All the SABAD council members and co-opt are the ISBD members.

ISBD Official Website:
Asian Network of Bipolar Disorder (A.N.B.D.)
Bipolar disorder is associated with a high rate of physical morbidity and mortality as well as high suicidal rate. Treatment of bipolar disorder has changed a lot over the past decades. However, there is no standard guideline for the treatment of this disease, and little is known about the pharmacogenetics of the Asian population as most clinical studies are conducted in Western countries. In view of these, this Network was set up to promote and advance the awareness and treatment of bipolar disorder in the Asia Pacific region.

The Network has been registered in Hong Kong as a registered society since November in 2007. So far there are about 60 members from various countries in the Asia Pacific region including China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand. Prof. Ki-Yan Mak (Hong Kong) was the founding chairman. Currently Prof. Kyooseob Ha (Korea), Prof. Pichet Udormatn (Thailand) and Dr. Michael Wong (Hong Kong) are the chairman, vice-chairman and secretary of the Network respectively.
Past A.N.B.D. Activities
November 8, 2009
2nd Asian Network of Bipolar Disorder Conference in Conjugation with the 2nd World Congress of Asian Psychiatry "Towards the Excellent Care of Bipolar Patients" Taipei International Convention Centre, Taiwan
August 26, 2008
1st Asian Network of Bipolar Disorder Conference "Bipolar Disorder in Asia: Current Status and Toward 2020" Royal Paragon Hall, Bangkok, Thailand
3rd Asian Network of Bipolar Disorder Meeting, April 22, 2007, Kunming, China
2nd A.N.B.D. Meeting, August 25, 2006, Jeju, Korea
1st A.N.B.D. meeting, June 10, 2005, Shanghai, China
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